Biographical Information
Also Known As Zero
The Robot
Physical Description
Age 19
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Blue/Violet
Family Shun (twin brother)
Allies Shun
Phobia Frigophobia (Ice)
Ability Ice Manipulation
Occupation Traveler
League Majors/ #71 (#223, #98 previously)
Affiliation The Ice Kingdom #1 Traveler
Manga Debut Chapter 5

Zero is an ice user and is loyal to the Nightmare Lord Previce of the Ice Kingdom. Zero is currently the best ice user of the Ice Kingdom (other than Previce) and the leader of all the Travelers in the kingdom. He is nicknamed "The Robot" and his real name is Lucas.


Zero's face is always hidden behind a mask. He was ordered to do this by Lord Previce once she realized he had a twin brother, Shun, that also shares the same fear as him (of ice or freezing). Only Lord Previce has permission to look upon his face.


Zero is a very stern and often angry person. In his past as a traveler he was merciless and evil. He killed and destroyed entire villages on a whim.

He does not get along with most travelers, that include those of his own kingdom like Riba and Shun and he is very loyal to Lord Previce.


Zero's overwhelming prowess of ice has earned him the title of best ice user in the whole Ice Kingdom.

Ice Manipulation: He is a "Pure Ice User". This means he is able to control temperature, snowfall, the creation of ice, as well as withstand extreme cold temperatures. 


Nova Bang

Nova Bang is Zero's finisher. Zero encases his arm in ice in the shape of a hammer and uses it to greatly enhance his brute strength.

Ice Armor

 He encases himself in ice armor and becomes exponentially faster and more powerful. 

A younger Zero without his mask


How Zero was created

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