Sealvia Creshric
Biographical Information
Also Known As Black Traveler
Town Montpeiler
Country France
Nationality French
Physical Description
Age 18
Gender Male
Eyes Yellow
Hair Blonde
Family Sacha Creshric (Older brother)
Allies Fukmi
Sonic Shark
Enemies The Lucky Stars
Phobia Acrophobia (fear of heights)
Ability Wind Maipulation
Occupation Student
League Major/ #940 (#1237 previously)
Affiliation The Black Travelers
Manga Debut

Sealvia Creshic is 18 years old and in the same gym class as Terrence Meyer. As a traveler, he has the power to control wind which came to be from his fear of heights. He's actually the leader of the The Black Travelers, a group of traveler killers. From when he was little, Sealvia has been honing his skills and becoming stronger in search of the ``Brush of Destiny``.

In his search he found allies such as : Kain, the snake summoner, Miss Fukmi, the Shape Shifter and Sonic Shark, the traveler who fears nothing. Because of his rough personality, Sealvia refused to join the Wind Kingdom.


Sealvia has long blonde hair and yellow eyes.

In his fight with Terrence he wears a black vest with grey Jeans.


Sealvia has a rough and mean personality. Due to his past Sealvia has become a ruthless person. He is not afraid to kill for what he wants.


When Sealvia was little, his brother, Sacha, and himself was forced to kill themselves by their father. Their parents broke apart and their mother don't want them so their father chose to jump off a building to stay together forever.

Because of his fear of heights, Sealvia did not jump - instead he fell back onto the platform - watching his father dies and Sacha survived thanks to his father's body.

Sealvia was by himself. From that point on he started having dreams of being thrown off a cliff by the Wind Lord's servants. Sealvia then trained himself to become fearless and ruthless until then.

He beat his fear of wind and moved on to find the ``Brush of Destiny``.

He ended up saving Kain and Fukmi, aiding them to become travelers, and adding them to his team.

Abilities and powersEdit

Sealvia powers are related to the void kingdom. He has the power to Control Wind due to his fear of heights. He can control it to great extent and can blow nearly anything with his power.

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