Osso Bucco
Biographical Information
Also Known As The Bulimic
Town Milan
Country Italy
Nationality Italian
Physical Description
Age 38
Gender Male
Eyes One Mouth and One Eye
Enemies Sasha Creshric
Ability Power Eater
Occupation Cook
League Major/ # (#1 previously)
Manga Debut Chapter

Osso Bucco was a powerful traveler. He was the former Major League number one prior to Maniac. He has been killed by Sacha Creshric and is now a simple dreamer again. 


He has a mouth instead of a left eye, one on his stomach, and  left shoulder. His right arm was replaced by a cannon that launches cannon-balls.



Osso Bucco was once the former Major league number 1. He has been defeated by Maniac, and lost his rank in the Major league. This defeat leads him to become depressed. He then killed an Dream princess, an act considered as sacrilege in Dreamland. He was condemned to be removed from his free will and he was prisoned in an Egg. Later he managed to escape from his Egg.

During the survival of the Celestia fest, he fought against The Kill Stars and was defeated by Lion Messi, although the outcome was very close. He took Lion all his power and his most powerful attack to defeat the former Major League's number one. 

He then fought against Sacha Creshric who defeated and killed him easily.

He is now a common dreamer again. 


His power allow him to eat the powers of other then to vomit them. He also has a cannon instead of a right arm. After a fight against the Kill Star, he was killed by Sacha.

Magic ItemsEdit

Metal Arm/Arm Cannon

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