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Neal Carrence
Biographical Information
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 33
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Allies Attila
Enemies Terrence Meyer
Savane Donelli
Phobia Pyrophobia (Fire/Flames)
Ability Fire Manipulation
Occupation High School Philosophy Teacher
League Major/ #408 (#548, #554 previously)
Affiliation The Fire Kingdom (#3 Official Controller)
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Neal Carrence is a fire user that serves under Asmodehus, the fire lord of Dreamland. He also works at Terrence's high school teaching his class.


Mr. Carrence has long white hair and has curly eyebrows. He wears blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and a vest over top of it.

He wears triangle shaped glasses. He also wears one ring on his left hand.


In Dreamland, Mr. Carrence has a very serious attitude towards others.

He is proud to serve under Asmodehus and obey his order without any question.

He is often regarded as being calm and collected but can get very angry at times.


Neal became a travelers 13 years prior Terrence's story. He was welcomed by Vulcain, The Fire Lord's right hand man.

At the manga debut, Asmodehus asked him to search for the new fire controller. He failed to find who the controller was at first but once he realized it was Terrence he discontinued his pursuit due to his rule to keep his real life and Dreamland life separate.

The Lord of Fire replaced him in his quest with Charly, the fourth fire controller. 


Mr. Carrence has the power to Control fire just like Terrence. He possessed a fire ring given by Asmodehus himself. It is a magical object that enhance his fire powers greatly, much like Terrence's Box of Matches. He lost it to Charly, Asmodehus' new fire controller.

He is powerful enough to travel in the third zone alone without worrying too much.


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