Kael, the imperio
Biographical Information
Also Known As "The Imperio"

"God of Dreamland"

Physical Description
Age As old as mankind
Gender Male
Phobia Related to Kenophobia
Occupation Ruler of the celestial Kingdom
Manga Debut

Kael, the imperio is one of the most powerful and ancient creature in Dreamland. He rules over the Celestial Kingdom and is related to the fear of void. Due to ruling over the highest known kingdom of Dreamland and being very knowledgable, he is often nicknamed "God of Dreamland" or simply "God".

Abilities and Powers Edit

As one of Dreamland's Nightmare Lord, he rules over all the inhabitant of his kingdoms and many travelers related to the Kenophobia. Since the fear of void is Dreamland's 5th most common fear in the real world, Kael is a very powerful creature.

  • Foresee : Kael can predict the future of every being in Dreamland. But so far, it is heavily hinted that nothing is written forever and that it's up to the person to let his visions come true.
  • Change of appearance : While the full extent of this ability remains to be known, Kael can change his appearance at will. So far it has been changing in the form of an old man and a more younger one.

Not much has been seen about his combat abilities, but since he is a Nightmare Lord he can be considered that he can utilise all the power hold by the travalers related to his Kingdom. Wich include flying, controling gravity and cast powerful wind blast.

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