Jerzey Puma
Biographical Information
Also Known As Electron Puma Girls
Town New York
Country United States
Nationality American
Physical Description
Age 22
Gender Female
Eyes Red
Hair Pink
Allies Shun
Phobia Astraphobia (Fear of lightning)
Ability Lightning energy control
Occupation Musician
League M/ #556 (#900 Previously)
Affiliation The Electric Kingdom
(Previously "The Puma girls")
Manga Debut

Jerzey Puma is a 22 year old travelers. She's under Actarus, the lord of Lightning command and is the chief of his army. She can manipulate lightning and is actually ranked 556th in the Major League.


She is quite pretty. She has red eyes and pink hair.


Jerzey is authoritarian and pretty confident in herself.

She has a soft side for handsome young men and seems to get bored pretty fast of everything.

Jerzey is quick to anger and act in very provocative manners.


Prior to the actual events, she was part of the "Puma girls".  

A girl only composed group of powerful travelers. 

Power Edit

'Electrokinesis: She can manipulate electricity at will and create powerful lightning based attack. She is Actarus's most talented and most trusted controller.

He power is amplified in the rain.

Magic ItemsEdit

Electric Guitar:  Jerzey possesses a magical guitar that enhance her lightning abilities. 



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