Infinity Midas
Biographical Information
King of Wealth
Lord of Gold
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eyes Golden
Hair Golden
Family Rafaelo Midas (Brother)
Stabilo Midas (Brother)
Allies Dream Kings
Ability Fire Manipulation
Occupation High school student
League The Most Powerful Being in Dreamland
Affiliation Dream Kings
Manga Debut Chapter

  Infinity Midas is the Lord of the Wealth Kingdom and is the most important Dream King in Dreamland. Since a lot of people dream about money and wealthiness, he is one, if not the most powerful being in the land of Dream. Some say that he is on equal term with the Lord of the The Darkness realm. He is the older brother of Rafaelo Midas, the king of The Cat Kingdom.


Infinity is the combination of many creatures into one majestic being. He has a head of a lion, torso of a man, legs and body of a horse, and the horns of a unicorn and a bull on his head. He stands about 100 feet tall and wears golden armor.


Even though he has a fearsome presence, he is a very noble and entitled being. He often gives travelers presents to reward them for their actions. Although he is one of the most powerful being in dreamland, he seems to be quite patient with travelers speaking high to him, much to his bodyguard Milo Azura dismay.

Abilities and powersEdit

We have yet to see him fighting but he is one of the most powerful being in Dreamland. Some says that his powers equals that of the most powerful Nightmare Lord in Dreamland : The Lord of Darkness. 

His power seems to be based on gold. He can turn everything he touch into gold and has enough power to raise a huge statue of gold out of nothing in a blink of an eye.

It can also be noted that he has Milo Azura, who is ranked 15th in the Special League under his direct command.  

He seems to possess a lot of rare and valuable item that he often give to traveler as rewarding gift. He gives Milo Azura his gold armor and also gives Terrence Meyer the Golden Eye.

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