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Hikari Drewin
Biographical Information
Also Known As Flash
Town Brussels
Country Belgium
Nationality Japanese
Physical Description
Age 18
Gender Male
Hair Black
Allies Alana
Enemies Deadrock
Phobia Brontophobia
Ability Electricity Manipulation
Occupation College Student
League M/#3500
Affiliation Fantasy Stars
Manga Debut


He is Japanese he has slanted eyes and also has spiky black hair and looks a bit rough also his ears are pierced also some times walks around without a top.


When He Is Angry he turns into Raiden since Raiden transferred his soul into Hikari.


As a new traveler he crossed paths with Raiden, the Ex-Right Hand Man of The Lord of Lightning. Having been mortally wounded by Asmodehus as punishment for his arrogance, in order to continue living Raiden transferred his soul into the closest Traveler in his area, Hikari. Hikari has the ability to turn into Raiden, usually when he is in mortal danger.

He helped his friends Alana and Huam become travelers and entered Celestia Fest.


Electrical Manipulation: He has the power of electricity

Soul of Raiden: When he is in trouble or morally wounded he will transform into Raiden this will also happen if his friends Alana And Huam are in trouble he will also transform.

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