Biographical Information
Also Known As Bubbly
Town Mumbai
Country India
Nationality Indian
Physical Description
Age 22
Gender Female
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Allies Lion Messi
Shaka(previous group member)
Phobia Phonophobia (Sound/Noises)
Ability Sound Manipulation
Occupation Law student
League Major / #83
Affiliation Kill Stars
Manga Debut Chapter

Flam is one of the few Travelers with a dark power. She is a member of the very promising group the Kill Stars, and is probably the happiest traveling to Dreamland. She's actually the best known ranked women of all the leagues, ranking 83th in the major league. 


Flam is almost always seen in a tank-top and short-shorts. She has long black and wild hair and a tattoo that spans her entire left arm. According to Reno's illustration, she appears to be taned.


Flam's nickname, Bubbly, is due to her bubbly personality. She is always smiling and happy.


In the real world she is blind, Dreamland allows her to see which is probably one of the main reasons she is so happy in Dreamland. With the help of Shaka, former leader of the group, and Naora she became a traveler.

She did not keep a grudge against Shaka after he left the group (which is not the case Naora).


Sound Manipulation: Flam draws sound into a ball and compresses it. The pressure turns the ball of sound into a bomb and causes damage. Since she overcomes her fear of sound in the The Dark Kingdom, it is assumed that her power is related to darkness.

This makes her the second known traveler to hold Darkness power along with Toro Picana.

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