Hikari And Alana

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As a new traveler he crossed paths with Raiden, the Ex-Right Hand Man of The Lord of Lightning. Having been mortally wounded by Asmodehus as punishment for his arrogance, in order to continue living Raiden transferred his soul into the closest Traveler in his area, Hikari. Hikari has the ability to turn into Raiden, usually when he is in mortal danger.

He helped his friends Alana and Huam become travelers and entered Celestia Fest.


She did not believe in DreamLand before but Hikari tried to convince her but didn't work but when Huam also tried to convince her she believed them she then became a traveler.


When Hikari Is in DreamLand and he talks to Huam he will think quickly and ask him for help to become a traveler. Hikari will for several nights, delusional dreams Huam by helping to find and overcome hisphobia. After several fruitless nights Huam discovered his phobia, it swings. In Dreamland, it may show swings, power proves very useful, leading to teasing from his acolytes. Huam is a bit brave traveler.

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