The three first volumes have completely been re drawn by Reno Lemaire and re edited by Pika Edition  in order to match the most recent volumes quality. Each page are being re drawn. They are coming in a much better quality with differents covers more similar to the cover cloud patterns adopted by the author since the 6th volume. New 4th and the 5th volume are coming too, but only with different covers.

According to the author during an interview , he was a young author when he draws the three first volume and  by reading them again now, he can see many flaws of an inexperianced author that are very easy to correct for him in order to match the recent volumes quality. This and the fact he has a bigger fanbase than he expected are the main reasons why he is re drawing them.


  • Due to the three first volumes being re edited, the original three first volume are being hard to find. 

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