Diego Monkey
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Biographical Information
Also Known As
Physical Description
Age 35
Gender Male
Eyes Orange
Hair Black
League Special /(#1 previously)
Affiliation The Cyclones
Manga Debut Chapter 0

  Not much is known about the famous traveler Diego Monkey, except that he is 35 year old and that he was once ranked first in the special League. His current situation is unknown.  


13 years prior to the actual storyline, he was the leader of the cyclone group and was in search of Edenia. He succeeded to find a way to go to the legendary place.

At this time, he was ranked number 80th in the Major League.

Abilities and power Edit

We do not know what his power is but he is known as being a very special traveler like Toro Picana.

He also was ranked first in the Special League, which can be a testament of his powers as a traveler.

Magical Item Edit

He is one of the known former holder of the Dream key Memorya.


  • He bears a strong resemblance to Ace D. Portgas from the manga One Piece but the author insisted that this was not a source of inspiration. Strangely, his name "Monkey" is also shared by One Piece's main protagonist Luffy. 
  • When Lord Crazy was tattooing Toro Picana he mentioned that he wanted to tattoo Diego really badly. He Later did it. 
  • We learn more about him in the special chapter, the 0 chapter where he appears for the first time.

Image GalleryEdit

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